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Family Care Partnership's mission is to provide interventions with infants and young children and their parents who are disproportionally impacted by toxic environmental stress.

We believe that facilitating supportive adult-child relationships builds a sense of self-efficacy and perceived control in young children and caregivers. This provides opportunities to strengthen adaptive skills and self-regulatory capacities, and mobilize sources of faith, hope, and cultural traditions.

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What Sets Us Apart

FCP is a black-owned agency led by a team of three minority women. The same commitment to diversity can be seen throughout our team. We take pride in hiring our staff from the communities we serve, and we believe this benefits the families we work with. 

Our diverse staff are paid a top competitive rate and have met education goals, become homeowners, and built out their own community serving efforts during their tenure with FCP. These kinds of outcomes are encouraged, valued, supported, and appreciated within our organization.

Our agency has served hundreds of youths over the last 5 years and continues to grow. Even during this challenging time, we've continued to receive consistent referrals. 

Every single day, we demonstrate the clinical, therapeutic, and holistic knowledge and skill to do powerful work within the early childhood system of care in Greater Boston and beyond. Through the cultivation of meaningful relationships with the day cares, health centers, and community organizations around us, we are helping to lead the way in Infant Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH)

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Our work and partnerships improve the capacity of parents to respond to the care and emotional needs of their infants and young children, while increasing connection to sustainable community resources.

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Services Available in Spanish, English & Haitian Creole

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FCP works with state agencies, school and day care systems, and local community programs to identify families in which a young child (0-6) is at risk of impairment in their development. 

We use relationship building, family goal planning, and community resources to support the range of caregivers referred to our program.

Do you know a family that could use our support? Or are you someone who could help grow our support network? Reach out today so that together we can help improve the quality of life for children and families in our communities. 

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Family Care Partnership

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